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Krissy with her mom and sisters Colorado Gives Day

Why I Give to WFCO on Colorado Gives Day

// December 3, 2018

Colorado Gives Day Is An Opportunity to Build The Kinds of Communities We Want to Live and Work In

The work of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado inspires me every day. As the daughter of an incredibly strong woman, and one of three sisters, I personally feel the importance of investing in women.

My sisters and I are incredibly lucky. We were raised by a woman who strived endlessly to provide opportunities for us. Our mother constantly made sure that we never felt limited when dreaming about our futures and setting our goals. Because of her, my sisters and I are each on our unique pathways to economic security – my older sister is a pharmacist, I am the development officer and events manager at WFCO, and my little sister is a first-grade teacher.

Our pathways have allowed us to finish graduate school, manage our student loan repayments, purchase a home, travel, and contribute to the charitable organizations that mean the most to us. However, not every young woman is as lucky as we are.

1 in 3 women in Colorado is not economically secure

One in three Colorado women is not economically secure. WFCO is working to change that. By supporting WFCO this Colorado Gives Day, in partnership, we can create more pathways to economic security for all Colorado women.

We know that without philanthropy, the changes we want to see in our communities will happen too slowly or not at all. Whether your heart is with an organization that supports women, education, or medical research, by donating to your favorite cause(s) today, you join a statewide philanthropic effort to create the kind of communities we all want to live and work in.

Why I give to women on Colorado Gives Day

Personally, I feel that investing in women is one of the strongest investments we can make in our communities. When women thrive – families, communities, workplaces, and entire economies do as well. But, not all philanthropists are in the know! Only 1.2 percent of charitable gifts made over $1 million in the U.S. between 2000-2014 specifically benefited women and girls. When thinking about your gift this year, I encourage you to build women and girls into the equation.

By investing in WFCO, your gift supports 23 statewide grantee partners. One of the stories from a WFCO grantee partner that inspires me the most comes from Tiffany in Northern Colorado. With the help of WFCO and Project Self-Sufficiency, Tiffany is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Like my mom did for my sisters and me, Tiffany is working hard to save for her daughters’ college educations to ensure they never put limitations on their dreams as well.

Not only do I personally give to WFCO on Colorado Gives Day every year, so does 100 percent of our staff. I’m proud to work with a team whose passion for WFCO’s mission is always top of mind and heart. Join me in supporting mothers like Tiffany on Colorado Gives Day by making your gift to WFCO. Together, we will build a brighter future for Colorado for generations.

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