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Board Chairs Patti Klinge and Stephanie Bruno

Two Board Chairs, One Focus

// March 30, 2018

April Brings Board Chair Transition

On April 1, 2018, Patti Klinge will complete her two-year term as WFCO board chair, and Stephanie Bruno will step into the role to lead The Women’s Foundation of Colorado.

“Our strategic plan is ambitious, and I know we can do it. We’ve focused so that we can make big changes to boost economic opportunity for more women,” said Steph, a wealth advisor who founded her own financial planning firm.

Stephanie has been an active volunteer and trustee for The Foundation since 2012 and she’s passionate about supporting financial stability for all women. She appreciates that her mother championed and enabled her own education and financial independence.

“Sometimes that’s all a woman needs – someone to tell her she is capable of doing more,” she said. “My philanthropy is directly tied to wanting other women to feel that joy and be encouraged to be financially secure.”

Taking WFCO Forward

She is honored to take the reins from Patti as the organization moves forward. During Patti’s term, The Foundation launched its 2017-2021 strategic plan.

“WFCO has been a strong organization for over 30 years and I believed that it could be more focused and bold, and I was excited by the opportunity,” reflected Patti of the strategic planning process. “We strengthened our infrastructure and tightened our work focus to maximize economic outcomes for women. It was an honor and a privilege to be part of that work.”

Lauren Y. Casteel, president and CEO, summarized the board and staff’s appreciation of Patti’s commitment to the organization.

“Patti led WFCO through an important time of growth and change,” Lauren said. “She stood firmly by my side and with the staff as a full partner. We are grateful for her expert leadership, which strengthened and solidified The Foundation so that we, along with our partners, donors, and the immeasurable potential of Colorado women, can bring more women and their families closer to prosperity.”

Patti began her career in social work, where she saw firsthand how lack of economic security encumbered women living through challenging circumstances. During her distinguished career as a human resources executive at Fortune 500 companies, she worked to expand access to opportunities and promote fair work environments for women of all backgrounds and at all levels of the organizations. She brought that commitment to social justice and equity to her work at WFCO and looks forward to what’s next for WFCO.

“As Steph and Lauren guide The Foundation down the path we’ve set as an inclusive statewide organization, I know that more women will thrive and so will our communities,” said Patti.

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