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The Shutdown is Putting Women and Families at Risk

// January 24, 2019

Here’s How Our Grantee Partners Ask That You Help

The federal government shutdown is putting Colorado women and families at risk. WFCO requests your help to ensure that women are able to feed their families and remain in their homes.

What We’ve Learned

WFCO reached out to our grantees to learn about the impacts of the shutdown on the women and families they serve. Our partners from across the state made it clear that food security is the most pressing and immediate concern, as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for hundreds of thousands of Coloradans are at risk, and federal employees and contractors in every corner of the state are furloughed or working without pay. Concerns about housing security and access to supports for a wide range of basic needs will grow if the shutdown drags on much longer

When we asked how WFCO and our supporters can help, our grantee partners asked us to amplify their voices by:

  • Sharing stories with our U.S. Senators and reinforcing the impact of the shutdown on your families, friends, and communities.
  • Encouraging donations to food banks.

How You Can Advocate

On behalf of our grantees and Colorado women and their families, WFCO reached out to Senators Gardner and Bennet to thank them for their efforts to end the shutdown and to share what we’ve learned to power their next steps. We invite you to raise your voices, too, to encourage our federal delegation to listen to the voices of their constituents. Find your U.S. Representative here, Senator Bennet’s contact information here, and Senator Gardner’s contact information here. Our civic engagement guide can help you craft an email or prepare talking points for a phone call.

How You Can Give

We also invite our community of giving to share with others. As a result of the federal government shutdown, food banks across Colorado are facing greater demand. Please make a contribution to your local food bank. Your generosity will help hardworking families meet their most basic needs during this unprecedented time.

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