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The Latest from SPIN: New Co-Leads, A Holiday Party, & More

// December 14, 2023

SPIN Announces New Leadership in Countdown to 10 Years of Impact

By Nneka McPhee, SPIN Co-Founder

Laughter, homecooked food, and democratic process are just a few of the things that have come to define the Sisterhood of Philanthropists Impacting Needs (SPIN). This was certainly true when we gathered for our annual retreat over the summer and got down to the business of electing new leadership for our giving circle. There were no spirited conversations, no hearty debates, no verbose pretenses… There was only positive and affirming support for what felt like the obvious choice; a decision made easy by our now well-gelled machine, firing on all cylinders.

Meet Shayla Richard and Tanara Landor

After a quick vote, we rose in unison to toast our new co-leads, Shayla Richard (Ree-Shard) and Tanara Landor.

Shayla Richard is a founding member of SPIN. She is affectionately known for being the most resourceful among us, never leaving anyone to search for a pen, a charger, a band aid, or a snack. You name it, she has it! Shayla is also a renaissance woman. She is experienced in everything from website development to sustainable energy to running for public office. Her wittiness has become a staple in our group, but her business acumen has been critical to our philanthropic impact.

Tanara Landor is relatively new to SPIN, joining just two years ago. Her background in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), particularly in the high-tech industry, has already brought a wealth of knowledge to our work. She is also a staunch mental health advocate and often grounds us in our individual and collective self-care. Equally noteworthy is Tanara’s positivity. She is the first one to offer words of encouragement or to champion a new endeavor.

A Major Anniversary in 2025

As SPIN looks toward our milestone 10-year anniversary in 2025, we recognize the importance and the need for strong, liberatory leadership. We also can’t help but take stock of the nine years that have passed. Since our founding, we have borne witness to the COVID pandemic, uprisings around racial justice reform, massive economic uncertainty, global warfare, and political divide. We have been in lock-step with our community through it all, focusing on grassroots organizations and working with them to build their capacity. Together, we have personally contributed and raised over $125,000, and we have granted the majority to Black women-led programs and initiatives.

We are proud, but we are restless. When Tanaka Shipp and I officially launched SPIN in 2015, our goals were to promote philanthropy in communities of color and to dispel myths around Black sisterhood. Today, we are living in a new reality, and we must evolve to meet new and exasperating challenges. Shayla and Tanara, in partnership with 18 other dynamic members, have the fortitude and the tenacity to take SPIN to new heights. We look forward to their leadership and to our continued impact in addressing the complex and multi-faceted issues facing women and girls in our community.

Join Us  Tonight to Celebrate New and Outgoing Co-Leads

SPIN is celebrating its nine-year anniversary, as well as recognizing outgoing co-leads, Tanaka Shipp and Dafina Tucker, on Thursday, Dec. 14.

We invite you to register or donate in lieu of a ticket, and you can learn more about SPIN and other giving circles housed at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado.

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