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Support Prop CC on Your 2019 Colorado Ballot

// October 24, 2019

Proposition CC Is Good for Colorado Women and Their Families

What is Proposition CC?

Prop CC is an initiative that is on your 2019 Colorado ballot, which is due on November 5. It will allow the state to keep money it has already collected to spend on K-12, higher education, and transportation needs.

The Women’s Foundation believes Prop CC is good for Colorado women and their families. It does not create new taxes and will help fund critical needs in our state. See this explanatory video created by our public policy grantee partner, Bell Policy Center.

Why does WFCO support Prop CC?

  • Prop CC will allocate more resources to K-12. We believe all schools should have the resources they need to educate our children and have quality teachers.
  • Prop CC will address transportation issues, which we know affect so many women and their ability to become or remain economically self-sufficient. It’s critical to have access to reliable transportation in order to get to work, school, or around our beautiful state.
  • Prop CC will help address fiscal constraints in our state. One of WFCO’s policy priorities is to improve Colorado’s tax and budget policies to allow for sufficient funding of the programs that we know would benefit women and their families.

What you can do today

  • Fill out your 2019 Colorado ballot and mail it in today! Your county clerk must have your ballot no later than 7 p.m. on Election Day. If you’re not sure if your ballot will arrive on time, you can always drop it off in person.
  • Register to vote or update registration
  • Contact our statewide engagement manager, Mallory Garner-Wells, at, to go door to door with WFCO for Prop CC on Saturday, November 2
  • Share this blog post with anyone who should know about Prop CC

Stay tuned in the upcoming months for more insights from WFCO on the policy change we are working toward as part of the 2020 legislative session and beyond. Check out our civic engagement page for tips on advocating for change.

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