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Profiles in Philanthropy: WFCO Director of Development, Maggie Stoot

// February 1, 2022

Get to Know Our Newest Team Member and Power of Extended Philanthropy (PEP) Member, Maggie Stoot

Maggie Stoot, our new director of development, is a Chicago native, new mom, and novice flyfisherwoman. She joins WFCO after five years leading the development team at Florence Crittenton Services, a WAGES grantee. A member of Empowerment Council since 2017, Maggie recently joined the Power of Extended Philanthropy (PEP).

Tell us something that not many people know about you?

I’m a novice fly fisherwoman! I still can’t put a fly on my line, but I love appreciating nature from the water.

What about WFCO’s mission inspires you?

The first two words of our mission, “catalyzing community,” inspire me most. Community is at the core of everything WFCO does. It simultaneously moves us forward in the immense support we receive to power our work and grounds us in the way we make decisions and participate in all the arenas we do. Our work needs to actually work for Colorado women, and this community-led approach prioritizes that. I am so proud to join the WFCO team, but I now also work for Colorado women and their families.

I am so proud to join The Women’s Foundation of Colorado team, but I now also work for Colorado women and their families.

If you had a personal philanthropic mission statement or slogan, what would it say?

I want to positively impact and increase the welfare of those around me, specifically communities historically and continually marginalized, through my philanthropy, advocacy, and daily decisions. And as a new mom, I want to nurture a sense of philanthropic responsibility and civic engagement in my children and within my family.

What do you believe is the most pressing issue women and families are facing in Colorado?

Right now, I believe the most pressing issue women everywhere face is the looming Supreme Court decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade. Whether you are someone who has had an abortion or not, we all live in and benefit from a world where merely having access to abortion shapes our understanding of self, freedom, and bodily autonomy. Denying healthcare that only certain individuals need is a form of discrimination, and our right to choose and right to an abortion must be protected.

Who have been the leaders/mentors on your journey?

I think some of my earliest Sheroes were my teachers. My high school English teacher, Marnie Heim, specifically was a true champion of mine and one of my first advocates. During my career, I work under some incredible people. One of the best was the last boss I had at Fidelity Charitable. He taught me what being a good supervisor looked like, and what good advocacy for your team could do, which are lessons I will always carry with me. I’d be remiss if I didn’t specifically mention Russ Shaw, Kristine Cecil, Suzanne Banning, and Renee Ferrufino, all of whom have been mentors both formal and informal since I moved to Colorado.

What is the best personal decision you’ve ever made? Why?

It’s a tie between deciding to go on the first date with my now husband, and many years later when we decided to expand our family. Dan and I met on a dating app, and I recall looking through his profile thinking he was way too cool for me. He also had a lot of pictures of himself holding fish and that was not yet an area of interest for me. But he seemed warm and fun, and he had the kindest eyes. Five years, a move to Colorado, a wedding, and six months of a pandemic later, we made the decision to expand our family. Last June we welcomed a happy, healthy daughter.

If you had to teach a class on one thing, what would it be?

How to keep score of a baseball game by hand. I absolutely love baseball and am a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan. My dad taught me how to keep score by hand. When I lived in Chicago (and the Cubs were terrible, so tickets were cheap), I used to take myself to games all the time. It makes you appreciate the game and its nuances so much deeper.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Let more people in. And wear your sunscreen.

Where do you find the most joy in your life?

More so than I ever expected, I find so much joy in embracing and exploring being a mom. At one time, I thought I wouldn’t be a very good mom but allowing myself to be fully immersed in this season of life brings has been a quiet celebration of my growth as a person and a woman. Seeing my daughter happy, healthy, growing, and well on her way to becoming her own person certainly brings me immeasurable amounts of joy, but for me, at least so far, the joy of motherhood starts inward.

At what point in your life did your personal philanthropy become important to you?

My parents always impressed upon my brother and me the importance of being productive members of the community. Even from a young age, a degree of civic engagement was encouraged and expected. Because of this, I have always thought of my personal philanthropy holistically. It’s an active thoughtfulness applied to daily decisions to increase the welfare of those around me which distills to a question – how can I leverage my power, privilege, and person to effect change? This has taken different forms depending on where I’ve been and what I’ve had to give but being an active participant in philanthropy has always been a core value of mine.

What is the most binge-worthy show? No judgement😊

Painfully predictable reality TV has been my ultimate escape over the past completely unpredictable two years. I fell down the Real Housewives rabbit hole at the beginning of the pandemic and have since lost all measure of self-respect when it comes to my TV viewing habits. Although my recent, more respectable, selections have been Insecure, Ted Lasso, and The Morning Show.

Should pineapple exist on pizza?

It’s not my favorite but I enjoy it every once in a while. Now chicken in any form or fashion is absolutely not a pizza topping. Being from Chicago, I take my pizza very seriously. It’s all about good sauce, homemade Italian sausage, and a few fresh veggies for me.

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