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Profile in Philanthropy: Albani Berryhill, WFCO Digital Marketing & Communications Intern

// March 24, 2023

Meet Albani Berryhill, WFCO Digital Marketing & Communications Intern

Albani Berryhill, “Bring it On” enthusiast and soon-to-be owner of a master’s degree from University of Denver, joined The Women’s Foundation staff in January of this year as our digital marketing and communications intern. Since joining our team, Albani has expanded her philanthropic knowledge and greatly added to the capacity of our communications team with her impressive skills. Learn more about her!

Tell us something not many people know about you?

I enjoy baking desserts! My family always makes jokes about me cooking, but they love when I bake. Desserts are the only thing they trust me with on holidays lol!

If you had a personal philanthropic mission statement or slogan, what would it say?

Be a light to yourself and others, do everything with love, and leave the world better than you found it.

What about our mission inspires you?

I’m inspired by The Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s mission to catalyze community and advocate for gender, racial, and economic equity for all Colorado women and their families. I was raised by a village, and The Foundation understands it takes a village to create change. Everyone associated with The Foundation plays a key role in impacting the Colorado community, and every step is important. They are inclusive to all and recognize intersectionality. The Women’s Foundation wholeheartedly believes in its mission, embodies it, and challenges each other to be better and do better. It’s an honor to be a part of such a meaningful and impactful community.

What do you believe is the most pressing issue women and families are facing in Colorado?

Economic stability and child care. Unfortunately, the cost of living is expensive, and the lack of economic stability affects everything. If women can’t afford child care they can’t go to work, and if they can’t work or receive adequate wages, they can’t afford child care. These two issues become a revolving door of high stress, which negatively affects the overall well-being of women and families.

Who is your Shero? Who have been the leaders/mentors on your journey?

I have multiple Sheroes. I am the combination of many strong, courageous, smart, and beautiful women in my life. I am blessed to have a mother and auntie who wholeheartedly believe in me, push me to be better, and give me the space and courage to follow my dreams. I’ve seen them create “magic” out of the toughest of times, so I am a strong believer that anything is possible with faith. I am also blessed to have the best sisters in the world. They’re my best friends. Women who have been leaders and mentors on my journey are my mom, aunt, sisters, stepmom, friends, mentors, professors, and family members. They’ve all taught me something, and I carry those pieces in my heart along the way.

What is the best personal decision you’ve ever made? Why?

Moving to Colorado. This move was completely out of my comfort zone and forced me to grow up. When I moved here, I didn’t have a steady job, I had never driven in snow, I had no family here, and I moved to my first “big girl” apartment with “big girl” bills. Reality hit fast, and it was rough at times. I always joke that Colorado tried to take me out haha. However, I’ve grown exponentially, and I am forever grateful for my Colorado experience. I would do it all over again. 🙂

If you had to teach a class, what would it be?

Faith and Finesse 101… with a lot of faith and a little finesse, you can go far in life.

What is the most pivotal moment in your career?

Honestly, working at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado has been the most pivotal moment in my career. Everyone on the staff is incredible. This experience aligns with my career aspirations, and it is the closest I have felt to reaching my career goals. As a soon-to-be graduate, I feel like this was the perfect internship opportunity to propel me into my career.

Where do you find the most joy in your life?

I find the most joy in life at the beach, practicing yoga, or spending time with loved ones. They all remind me to stop sweating the small stuff and hold onto the little joys of life. There are so many beautiful things to smile about. You just have to be present in the moment.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

I would tell my 15-year-old self to love herself wholeheartedly, believe in herself, and trust the process. Don’t dim your light in fear of being “too much” for others. Be confident, and those who matter will shine with you.

What is your favorite place or activity to do in Colorado?

Hiking, going to yoga at Urban Sanctuary, and going to professional sporting events.

At what point in your life did your personal philanthropy become important to you?

My personal philanthropy became important to me in my early childhood. My parents were always giving back to the community and joining programs to help others. I would volunteer with them. That love for volunteering and community service followed me throughout life. I knew at an early age that I wanted my life to center around helping others and making a difference. As long as I am giving back and leaving the world better than I found it, I am living in my purpose.

Who would you be your dream speaker for the Annual Luncheon?

Sarah Jakes Roberts. Her words always uplift me and make me feel like I can take on the world.

What movie scene lives in your head rent free?

The opening scene to “Bring It On.” I know it by heart. It was my favorite movie as a child, and cheerleading became a significant part of my life.

Should pineapple exist on pizza? What is your favorite pizza topping?

It’s not the worst pizza topping, but no… just no. My favorite pizza topping is buffalo sauce :).

What is the most binge-worthy show? No judgement😊

“Grey’s Anatomy.” I’ve watched the entire series twice (No judgment!). I also love “Euphoria,” “Abbot Elementary,” “Bridgerton,” and “All-American.”

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