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Jean Saul leaves a legacy through estate planning

Women Will: Living Her Values Through Estate Planning

// June 3, 2019

Why I Am Leaving a Legacy at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado

“Values are important, but we need to act them out, not just know what they are,” said Jean Saul, a member of WFCO’s planned giving program, Women Will. Jean’s sentiments align with an inspirational phrase often heard from WFCO President and CEO Lauren Y. Casteel, also a Women Will member: seek substance over symbols.

Wanting to substantiate her own values of sharing, kindness, and encouraging others prompted Jean to include The Women’s Foundation of Colorado in her estate planning.

She developed a passion for the advancement of women in graduate school and soon began teaching women’s studies. That passion fully bloomed while working for an organization dedicated to women’s learning and action in the U.S. and globally. Through her planned gift, she hopes to leave a legacy of increasing women’s representation, power, and agency in all areas of larger society.

“In all probability, my money will outlast me, and I know this work will not be finished,” she said. “Women need to be equal in all things — pay, education, and policymaking. It’s a great relief to know I can be a small part of helping things continue.”

Jean, who is retired, is also a member of WFCO’s group-advised fund, Beyond Our Borders, and the Women Donors Network. She volunteers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the African Community Center.


“A society grows great when old (wo)men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”
     – Greek proverb

Natalie Rekstad leaves a legacy through estate planning“I hope to leave a society that has grown great through greater diversity, equality, and inclusion.”

– Natalie Rekstad

Betsy Mordecai leaves a legacy through estate planning“I want to see women find self-sufficiency and parity and I’m not convinced that the needs of women will be met in my lifetime.

A planned gift to The Women’s Foundation of Colorado sets an example for my son and those who come after to consider the needs of women and their families well into the future.”

– Betsy Mordecai

Eunice Kim leaves a legacy through estate planning“I am committed to promoting economic self-sufficiency for women and girls today and into the future. There is no better way to do that than this community foundation.

Leaving a legacy gift to The Women’s Foundation of Colorado simply aligns with my personal mission.”

– Eunice Kim

“I am a Women Will member to not only support the community, philanthropy, and impact we are building today, but also to provide opportunities for Colorado women for generations to come.

Our collective gifts WILL create a legacy.”

– Lauren Y. Casteel

Steph Bruno leaves a legacy through estate planning“I am a Women Will member to continue the legacy my mom gave to me of being financially independent.”

– Stephanie Bruno

Women Will members plan gifts or bequests for fund the essential work of The Women’s Foundation through their estates. You may name WFCO as a beneficiary of IRAs, retirement plans, life insurance policies, marketable securities, and real property. To learn more about including WFCO in your estate planning, contact Renee Ferrufino, vice president of development, at 303-285-2969 or

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