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Diverse women make up The Women's Foundation

Celebrating Our Supporters on International Women’s Day

// March 7, 2020

Our Diverse Donors Reflect on Why They Support Colorado Women

At our gratitude gathering in December, several donors sat down with us to share their stories of why they support The Women’s Foundation of Colorado. We’re amplifying their stories on International Women’s Day, a day meant to celebrate women’s achievements and contributions, and recommit to achieving gender equality.

In a column for The New York Times, Melinda Gates, reminds us why and how we can each make a difference on International Women’s Day:

The World Economic Forum recently projected that it will take 208 years to close major gender gaps in the United States — but this should only take a few minutes. Take a moment from your Sunday routine to join me in marking International Women’s Day in a small, but potentially important, way: Start a conversation about gender equality. Even better, talk about it with someone you’ve never discussed it with before.

Like the donors we feature in this blog, think about your reason for supporting the advancement of women, and share that message broadly and passionately.

Alexis ThompsonAlexis Thompson, Empowerment Council

I had no idea where to start building my network when I moved to Denver from Colorado Springs.

When I was introduced to the Empowerment Council it seemed like a really great way to get involved in Denver and meet people everywhere.

Anna Jo HaynesAnna Jo Haynes, Honorary Trustee

So many women have done so well as a result of The Women’s Foundation’s programs. I just think there’s nothing more important than that. It takes time, but this movement is incredible.

Brenda Wild

Brenda Wild, Power of Extended Philanthropy (PEP)

I am grateful for WFCO because I have been a single mother and have been humbled by some very serious life experiences in my younger years when I too needed help. I feel that this foundation offers women opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s my pleasure to be in a position to give funding to help those women.

Danielle ShootsDanielle Shoots, Trustee

I give to WFCO because I have such dreams for the women and girls of Colorado. And my big dream for them is that they know how powerful they are as people. I want them all to know how strong they are and how much we need them to be successful to change our world.

Sandy Cook

Sandy Cook, Power of Extended Philanthropy (PEP)

I am particularly passionate about the work of The Women’s Foundation for two reasons: One, I’m passionate about women’s issues, and I like the combination of advocacy and grantmaking. My passion lies in the purpose and the tools.

Stephanie VisscherStephanie Visscher, Empowerment Council

I love how The Foundation has helped bring together women who want to make a difference and want to make our voices heard. I really love that we have a place where we can work together to empower other women.

Tania Zeigler and Ruth RohsTania Zeigler, Donor-Advised Fundholder

I’m really grateful to be part of the The Women’s Foundation because I’m learning a ton about all the incredible organizations and the incredible network of people who really care about women in Colorado.

Ruth Rohs, Giving Circle Member

My time with WFCO dates back many years. What I loved about it from the very beginning was the policy work and the work on the Cliff Effect, building an environment for women to be self-sufficient and successful on their own, and having the opportunity to create a financial vehicle to support that.

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