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Happy Mother’s Day from WFCO

// May 9, 2018

Our Staff and Board Honor Their Moms

At The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, we know that moms are everyday superheroes. Our work is inspired by the stories we hear of their selflessness, tenacity, and strength. We strive to remove the barriers that moms – particularly single moms – must climb to meet the needs of their families. In honor of Mother’s Day, several WFCO board and staff members shared stories of their moms that drive their commitment to Colorado women and families.

My mom helped me find my voice and use itAyesha Khan and her mom

“I come from a traditional Pakistani background where women stay at home and take care of the cooking, cleaning, children, etc. My mother has challenged these cultural norms since I can remember. She wanted me and my sister to know that we are capable of all of those things and so much more. My entire adult life she has worked two, even three jobs at a time because she wanted to break the mold for the girls in our family. Her hard work, day after day, has exemplified the importance of being independent, obtaining an education, and reaching economic security. My mom has helped me find my voice and gain the confidence to use it. She has inspired my commitment to advancing economic opportunities for all the women in our state. Thank you, mom! Happy Mother’s Day!” – Ayesha Khan, executive assistant and office manager

My mom changed her own trajectory and mine

“I was raised by a single mother who expected our economic security to be taken care of by my father until his untimely passing. As a child, I experienced economic insecurity and can tap into the day-to-day emotional differential between economically surviving and thriving. My mother received support to attend college and graduated my sophomore year in high school, changing my adult trajectory as well as hers. Her example inspires me to invest in and work toward opportunities for Colorado women and their families.” – Jennifer Colosimo, trustee

My mom burned her bra for me!Alison Friedman Phillips and her mom

“My mom grew up in a solidly middle class family in Detroit. After she graduated from college she and her friend packed up their car to drive to Colorado. She was the first in her family to leave Michigan in generations. When she came here she was very active in the community and local issues. As I was facing strife growing up she would say, ‘I burned my bra for you!’ She didn’t stop working after my sister and I were born and was a great model of someone devoted to their profession, their family, and their community.” – Alison Friedman Phillips, programs manager

My mom encouraged us to strive for financial independence

“My mom always worked hard to ensure our family’s needs were met and encouraged us to strive for financial independence. In addition to setting an excellent example, I am so grateful my mom supported me in pursuing my interests and passions. She continues to show her love and support in so many ways and tells me how proud she is of the work WFCO is doing. Thanks, mom!” – Louise Myrland, vice president of programs

My mom taught me to create a kinder, more equitable worldKelly Robenhagen and her mom

“My mom has been the major driving force that has propelled me into my work in nonprofit and philanthropy. From an early age, she always taught me to do what you can with the time and resources you have to support the creation of a kinder, more equitable world. She has instilled in me a joy for this work, and I am beyond grateful. Thanks for putting me on the path that led me to work at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, mom! You inspire me daily, and I love you!” – Kelly Robenhagen, statewide events and engagement manager

From WFCO, happy Mother’s Day to our mothers and all mothers. You inspire us daily!


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