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Improving Colorado’s Tax & Budget Policies

// January 30, 2020

Colorado’s Fiscal Situation Impacts WFCO’s, Grantees’ Abilities to Achieve Our Missions

WFCO’s data-driven and nonpartisan approach to public policy advocacy has earned us recognition as a trusted voice and leading advocate for Colorado women and their families at the Capitol. Whenever we approach systemic change look to the following guidelines to help us take positions on legislation and ballot measures:

  • Does it address root causes of poverty and promote economic security?
  • Does it improve Colorado’s tax and budget policies to allow for sufficient resources to be dedicated to WFCO priorities?
  • Does it promote and protect issues and rights aligned with the core values of WFCO?

Fiscal issues must be considered in state-level policy discussions

Recently, we’ve noticed that the first and third bullet continue to be affected by the second. At a convening of our WAGES grantees in September 2019, they told us that our state’s fiscal situation negatively impacts their ability to achieve their mission. Whenever we engage in state-level policy discussions, fiscal issues must be considered. Given that our three guidelines are inextricably linked, it is vital that WFCO and our statewide network engage on this important issue.

At this point I bet you’re asking, “how can we be involved and make this vital change in Colorado?” Well, WFCO will continue to work with our partners on improving Colorado’s tax and budget policies to allow for sufficient resources to be dedicated to improving economic security for Colorado women and their families. But we can’t do it without you!

Asking for the public’s input by mid-February

Vision 2020 is a diverse, statewide coalition (that is led in part by several of our long-term policy partners and members our WAGES grantee cohort) working toward a modern tax code aligned with a sustainable economy that raises revenue equitably and is sufficient to support strong communities. It is creating pathways to improve Colorado’s tax and budget policies. One pathway is through a measure or measures that will appear on your 2020 ballot. Vision 2020 needs your voice as they decide how to approach the ballot measure process and is asking for the public’s input by mid-February.

WFCO will continue to engage on this important issue and we encourage you to stay involved with us. When we combine the work of our direct-service grantees with the work of our public policy advocacy grantees, and our statewide network of supporters the impact for Colorado women is magnified.

To learn more about Colorado’s budget and tax policies, we recommend checking out resources offered by WFCO grantee partners Colorado Fiscal Institute and Bell Policy Center. 

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