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// April 20, 2021

Black Women and Women of Color Cannot Carry the Burden of Transformation Alone

As a community foundation, we envision a future where people of every background and identity feel valued and safe where they live and where they work. Although justice was served today, following the recent murders of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, that future is only one decision closer than it was a year ago, when an unarmed George Floyd cried out for his mother; 6 years ago, when Sandra Bland’s death ignited the #SayHerName movement; and 66 years ago, when the beaten body of 14-year-old Emmett Till lay in an open casket for the world to see.

Black women and other women of color have been living with an unrelenting fear of racial violence toward themselves and their loved ones for too long. We cannot allow them to suffocate under literal or figurative knees any longer. They alone cannot carry the burden of transformation. Whether or not we are directly impacted by the cruelty of systemic and historic racism and white supremacy, we all need to step up and hold others accountable – not for change, but for real, tangible progress.

Even after hearing “guilty” on all counts, we still must assure Black women and women of color that when their voices are hoarse and arms are heavy, others will keep the work for justice moving forward. We call on all members of our community to join us in using our power, privilege – especially white privilege – and resources to create a state built upon our shared vision of gender and racial equity.

-The Women’s Foundation of Colorado Board of Trustees

In addition to the launch of the Women and Girls of Color Fund and the anti-racism materials we have shared, in the coming weeks and months, WFCO trustees and community will share blog posts, presentations, advocacy guidance, and resources to inspire action and progress toward gender and racial equity right here in Colorado.   


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