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Speak Up for Equal Pay

// April 19, 2018

We Need Your Voice to Close Colorado’s Gender Pay Gap

If current trends continue, women in Colorado will not see equal pay until the year 2057.Contact your representative today if you want equal pay! On Monday, April 23, the House Finance Committee is going to consider House Bill 18-1378, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. Please advocate for this bill with us by contacting your representative today to request their support in closing Colorado’s gender pay gap.

If the gender pay gap were closed in Colorado, the poverty rate for working women would be cut in half and $9.2 billion would be added to our economy. Right now, you can take action to promote pay equity in our state. Here’s everything you need to know to contact your representative and advocate for Equal Pay for Equal Work:

HB18-1378 Equal Pay for Equal Work background:

Updated research from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) funded by WFCO shows the gender pay gap has narrowed for some women, but there is a long way to go to achieve equal pay for all women.

  • Since 2015, the gender pay gap in Colorado has narrowed for women aged 16 and older who work full-time, year-round from 80.0 cents to 86.0 cents on the dollar earned by men who also work full-time, year-round
  • However, even as our state’s economy has grown, many women have struggled to grow their own wages. A higher percentage of all women live in poverty than just three years ago, and the gap between the wages of most women of color and white men (the highest earners) has worsened
    • Compared to the earnings of white men, white women in Colorado face the smallest gap, earning 78 cents for every dollar earned by white men
    • Asian/Pacific Islander women earn 70.3 cents on the dollar earned by white men
    • African American women earn 63.1 cents on the dollar earned by white men
    • Native American women earn 56 cents on the dollar earned by white men
    • Latina women earn 53.5 cents on the dollar earned by white men

How HB18-1378 promotes equal pay for equal work:

  • Prevents pay disparities and ensures wage transparency with common sense measures such as disclosing proposed pay range in all job listings
  • Closes loopholes in the Federal Equal Pay Act by ensuring Coloradans have the ability to challenge pay disparities and retaliation by employers while also allowing employers to defend against a challenge to a pay disparity by showing it is based on a bona fide factor unrelated to gender

Action needed:

  • Contact your representative (find your legislator) to request support for HB18-1378, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
  • Notify WFCO when you’ve reached out so we can follow up appropriately. Please email and include your name and address, name of the person you contacted, date and method of contact, feedback from the conversation/email exchange

Guidance for outreach to your legislator:

When you contact your legislator, remember the following:

  • Tell them you are a constituent; legislators pay attention to those who put – and keep – them in office
  • Communicate aspects important to you in your own words; legislators prefer not to receive standardized emails and/or calls
  • Including something specific to your district is helpful (a personal story, something you saw/heard, why this matter is especially important to you, etc.)

For a phone call:

  • Introduce yourself as a constituent and include your affiliation with The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, as well as your professional affiliation or role in the community
  • Promoting pay equity in Colorado improves opportunities for women to support themselves and their families and strengthens the entire state economy
  • Please support HB18-1378, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

For an email:

Remember to personalize the example message below – unique messages get more attention that several copies of a form email.

Dear Representative [Last name],

My name is [ENTER NAME] and I am a supporter of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado as well as a [INSERT PROFESSIONAL TITLE (optional). IE: business owner, educator etc]. I am writing you today to strongly encourage your support for the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which promotes pay equity in our state with common sense measures that help women support themselves and their families and will strengthen our entire economy.

As one of your constituents, I ask you to please support HB18-1378.


[Your name]

Equal pay cannot wait until 2057. Together, we can create more pathways to economic prosperity for Colorado women and their families now.

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